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DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL San Francisco World Spirits Competition- So popular and riotous was gin in 1700s Britain, Parliament passed five laws to beat it back. Gin’s been glorified, vilified, waylaid and run out of town. Now, Dayton dry Gin, crafted in a small-batch, artisan distillery, shoots the notorious juniper berry full with a mutiny of flavors—rye, hops, lemon peel and coriander—steam-injected, vapor-infused flavors held captive in a four-plate copper column. Belle of Dayton offers a revival of the Gin spirit for the audacious palette.

Distilled in Ohio by brothers Tim, Mike, and Murphy LaSelle- Dayton Gin was perfected after 10 months and 93 distillations (hence 93 proof). The botanicals steep in the copper pot still 18 hours before distillation. We use Organic Juniper (Italy), Organic Ginger Root (India), Organic Coriander Seed (Egypt), Organic Lemon Peel (USA), Local Hop Blend (incl.Cascade & Citra), and a Proprietary Botanical blend. The base spirit for Dayton Gin is a copper pot distilled, spirit made from Corn and Rye. 

Tasting notes: Clear color with Aromas and flavors of honey, lemon peel, cucumber, juniper, and coriander. A soft dry-yet-fruity medium body, and a smooth lemon soufflé and rye peppercorn finish. Dayton Gin is flavorful and fantastically well balanced. Awards: Double Gold Medal- 2017 San Francisco Wine and Spirits Competition (1st Ever from an Ohio Distillery) Gold Medal- 2017 Fifty Best Silver Medal- 2016 Tastings.

750mL, 93 PROOF, 46.5% ABV Distilled, Bottled, and Labeled at Bonded Belle of Dayton Distillery.

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American Dry Gin


93 Proof / 46.5% Alc

Corn and Rye

14 Times; small-batch copper distillation


2017 San Francisco Wine and Spirits Competition – Double Gold Medal 

2017 Fifty Best – Gold Medal

2016 Tastings – Silver Medal 


Murphy LaSelle
Murphy LaSelle
"The iconic Italian cocktail-the Negroni, made of one part Dayton Gin, one part vermouth rosso, and one part Campari, garnished with orange peel."
Michael LaSelle
"A Vesper Martini is a cocktail made of Dayton gin, Dayton vodka, Lillet, and blue cheese stuffed olives"
Tim LaSelle
"Dayton Gin and Tonic- hold the tonic."

distillery awards

Distillery Awards

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